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Video Game Developers


Echelon was built with Streamers and Content Creators in mind.


At its core, Echelon is about community. We help our members improve their craft by offering resources, support, and a friendly environment to grow in. Thanks to this mindset, Echelon has since evolved into helping game enthusiasts of all sorts, meaning you don’t have to be a CC/Streamer!


We value an active community of people who genuinely love gaming and want to support one another other. This has helped us to expand into community nights, competitive gaming, and streaming support/artifacts for our members. 


  Creating Community

We want to create a place where people feel a sense of belonging, somewhere they can hop online and always find someone to play with. No one should have to play solo.


Committing to Each Other

Being part of a community means committing to the community and each other. We are committed to each other and the organization to make it the best place to game and grow.


Exhibiting Sportsmanship

A member of Echelon should exhibit excellent sportsmanship at all levels of competition, whether it be a friendly 1 v 1 or a professional competition. One should wear their losses as plainly as they do their wins. Pride in one's accomplishments is always encouraged, just remember to stay humble and have fun.


Love One Another

As a community we should love and grow with each other. We are a community that wants to see each member grow and prosper. We want every member to feel like they have a home here. A member of Echelon should abstain from any form of prejudice or bigotry. We do not tolerate hate of any sort.

Live Stream


The Echelon Crew is available 24/7 via Discord.

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